So why Chief Justice is still out of office ?

August 31, 2008

Zardari, a middle class Landlord from Nawabshah is now enjoying the best days of his life, well anything is possible in Pakistan, guys … so relax if a non-graduate JAAHIL person is going to become your President in few days time.

Question is, you hated Mushraff because he sacked Chief Justice and other Judges, you saw it as a threat to the country’s judicial system. Zardari told you that if Mushraff left the office, the whole problem will be solved automatically so you stood by his side and we saw Mushraff offering his resignation.

Then, Nawaz Sharif broke the power sharing with Zardari by claiming that he is not interested to bring back Chief Justice. Why ??? here is the answer:

Nawaz Sharif wants Chief Justice to come back as they two have a deal that the Judges will make him able to become Prime Minister for 3rd time.

Zardari fears that Chief Justice will cancel the 13b article which gives President all the rights to disolve the Govt if its not functioning well.

Nice game guys … the most interesting part this story is that how sincere our leaders I mean Zardari and Nawaz Sharif are with making our Judicial System as perfect as possible.


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