5 women died in Balochistan, now lets hate Zardari for this

August 31, 2008

I was talkiyng to one of my friends who was bashing Mushraff like anything, I asked him that what was the list of worst things that Mushraff did and you started hating him in response. He said, he played with Law and Judiciary System. Ok fine, whats next ?


Then he said, do you remember Dr. Shazia’s rape case, the whole responsibility should be put on Mushraff’s shoulders as he was the head of state and one of his own Army officer was involved in this incident.

The worst thing is that the PPP leader is trying to justify this incident and he asks all of us to stay out of it as this is a matter of Balouch Traditions which is above everything else

Hmmm, ok lets agree on that, now here is a new story: 5 women were burried alive in Balouchistan as the Jirga Committee found them guilty of having extra-marital sexual relationships with other men. One of PPP’s minister himself was involve in this Jirga decision and then burrying them alive. I’ve attached a couple of News Items from JANG as proof.

Now, come lets hate PPP and Zardari for this incident on the same level you hated Mushraff for Dr. Shazia’s case … whats your view guys ?


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